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Nigerian’s deficient power sector supply has been a challenge that the past three presidential administrations have steadfastly sought to address. In 2001, the Federal Government, in a bid to address the deficiency in power sector supply, adopted the National Electric Power Policy for the reform of the sector.

Following suit, the Electric Power Sector Reform Act (EPSRA), was passed into law in March 2005. A key thrust of the sector reform is the transfer of the control and operations of the industry from public sector to private sector.


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Our Purpose

During the Transitional Stage of the Nigerian electricity market reforms, NBET will be responsible for buying power from IPPs and reselling the power to the distribution companies (DisCos) and Eligible Customers. The Bulk Trader will not be the sole authorized or designated buyer, as other entities, such as DisCos that have attained commercial viability, will be able to procure power directly from GenCos as well.

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Our Vision

A Nigeria where electricity is taken for granted.


Our Mission

To be an effective and efficient catalyst for private sector investment into the electricity industry in Nigeria.

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