NESI Value Chain

gas supplier

Gas Supplier

A Natural Gas Supplier enters into a Supply Contract with an Independent Power Producer (IPP). NBET performs due diligence on the Contract for effective risk allocation and ensures pricing makes reasonable sense as gas price is a pass-through.



The Independent Power Producer enters into a Power Purchase Agreement with NBET. NBET ensures market efficiency by fair risk allocation, proper alignment of PPA and Vesting Contracts with other industry contracts and pushing for best possible tariff for the consumer



Transmission Company of Nigeria transmits the electricity generated to Distribution Companies. NBET receives data from TCN for verification of bills to Generators and invoices to DisCos.

Dis Co

Distribution Companies

DisCos enter into Vesting Contracts with NBET. NBET receives financial guarantees for bulk electricity sold to DisCos.



Distribution Companies sell electricity to billable Customers.